article six (a drama in two acts)

Can an atheist president win the 2024 presidential election? Only her romantic inclinations may keep her from the prize.

article six sampler cvengros


revenge inc. (television series proposal)

Private underground tech company helps the little people get revenge on those who wronged them all while staying one step ahead of the law.


12.6 acres (a comedy in three acts)

Three brothers, property to divide up as suburbia encroaches. What could possibly go wrong that renting a goat can’t solve?

12.6 acres sampler cvengros


sfumato (a drama in three acts)

A news photographer hides out from the world chasing wars from country to country. Until one day love walks in…

sfumato sampler cvengros


pineapple dot com (screenplay)

An internet millionaire bets it all on a rundown Hawaii pineapple plantation just as the bubble bursts. His new girl and new life take him on a lifelong trip.

pineapple dot com


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